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About the Designer:  Nooshin Zolghadri


My belief is that architecture is a balance of art and science coming together with design that is aesthetic, functional and sustainable.


This vision is what drives me to constantly challenge myself in design that not only complements but defines the scope of the environment I'm working on for my client.

Nooshin Zolghadri, interior designer, architectural planning, building, renderings

Commercial & Residential Projects


On commercial projects, my goal is to create a work environment that accentuates the marketing goals of the business. Smart design is the first step to a successful business.


Through experience, I've developed the unique skills of creating a work place that attracts target demographics while providing a pleasant work environment for employees as well as a smooth work flow layout for productivity. However, on the residential side, to me each client is unique and it is important to find out about their lifestyle, taste and individual needs and implement them in the final design.

My home is currently in the the United States, however, my Iranian upbringing and extensive travel abroad, including Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, China and throughout Europe has given me a very eclectic perspective in various design styles, that allow me to create what I believe are enduring living and work places that will remain appropriate and relevant for years to come.

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Architectural & Design Services

Intelligent Workspace Planning

Change your office into an efficient, comfortable, stylish, smoothly functioning workspace by planning it intelligently and according to your workflow. Imagine the difference your new workspace will make.

workspace planning, interior design

Interior Design for Small & Large Scale Offices

Is the look of your office in line with your brand? Smart design is the first step to a successful business. Let an expert implement your business brand into your office's design. You set the budget — we work within it to get the most out of your money.

Tenant Improvement Projects

Are you moving to a new space and need to design the office to fit your needs, space planning, programing, budget analysis, permits or new furniture? Save time and money by choosing us.

Residential Additions & Remodeling

Are you ready for a makeover of your life style? Do you have some ideas but not know where to start? Let us help you improve your living space within local Codes and regulations.

Health Care Offices Planning & Design

Is your medical practice's building beginning to look as old as the profession itself? Create an environment that represents the excellent care your patients receive.

Real Estate Home Staging

Did you know that proper staging will increase the number of offers by 10% on the sale of your home and will speed the sale up to 78% faster? Our expertise in design and staging can increase your profit and save you time.


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