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floor plan for family residence in Pasadena, California

Jette Residence, Pasadena, CA: Major Addition, 2013

The original 1,300 sq. ft. house was purchased as a 2 bedroom, 1 bath on a large lot of 12,000 sq. ft. in a great area of Pasadena. The addition doubled the size of the house to include a private master suite, formal living room, formal dining room, family room, a large kitchen open to the family room, laundry room and a sunroom (with the option of converting into the fourth bedroom) to maximize the sales value of the house. The layout connects the family room and kitchen to the backyard with large windows and a porch.

Strong Kids Medical Group, Anaheim, CA 2013

Remodeling and accessibility upgrade of approximately 8,500 sq. ft. medical clinic. The remodeling will include refinishing the reception and waiting areas, exam rooms, new pharmacy, code-compliant restrooms and break rooms. This project is currently at the early stages of design and planning.

floor plan by ZdesignOne for Strong Kids Medical Group in Anaheim, California

Manukian Residence, Pasadena, CA: Exterior Remodeling

This existing Cape Cod style home had elements added at various times during the life of the structure. It was in need of new surface treatment and new windows. The chimney was leaking and had to be rebuilt. We decided to harmonize all the exterior elements for a cohesive look. The finished look has new stucco with new color, new windows, new trim work, new patios, new exterior lighting and a new code-compliant fire place.

exterior redesign and remodeling
residential roof redesign, architectural redesign

Residential roof design, Hacienda Heights, CA 2013

The original house was designed in a contemporary style, however, a portion of the roof was flat and had had leak problems for years. The owner wanted to create a sloped roof that would solve the leak problem but by changing the roof line it would block the view of a courtyard. The new roof was designed to complement the existing roof lines without blocking the view of the courtyard.

Viva Concepts office design, Glendale CA 2011

Viva concepts was a brand new company in 2011 with a new marketing concept starting from scratch. The founders knew the importance of an efficient office environment. The office was designed to house different departments of sales, production and management. Attention was given to incorporating the new logo and branding into the structure of the building. The office was also designed to allow for future expansion.



Viva Concepts print shop design, Glendale CA 2011

Shortly after Viva Concepts established their office, we were brought back to design the new print shop to house large printing equipment that was to be delivered to the space soon. The challenge was to understand the production line, size of the equipment, clearance spaces and equipment maintenance, all the while incorporating the new Viva brand. The project was a success, and would continue into the next year.



Viva Concepts office expansion design, Glendale CA 2012

Viva’s sales department was growing fast. A new space on the same floor was acquired to house a reception area for visitors and a sales department. The management strategy was in need of an easy overview of the large number of employees. The solution presented was to create cubicals with glass dividers. The design allowed easy inspection of employees while taking advantage of large windows with great views, and natural lighting in the open office for a healthy work environment. The height and size of the glass cubicals were designed to make communication between employees easy, while blocking noise. The design contributed to better management and added a "wow" factor for visitors to the front office.



Viva Concepts second print shop expansion design, Glendale CA 2013

Viva continued to expand quickly. A second print shop was leased for a new line of production with more equipment. The new shop had to be reconfigured for a reception common area, accessible restrooms in the front and incorporate a safety path in the production area for forklifts. The path was marked on the floor clearly for workflow safety, helping the shop to stay organized and efficient. Future expansion was taken into account and it is expected that the company will reach a new growth point soon.

office environment redesign and interior design for Viva Concepts printing company
rendering showing Viva Concepts print shop redesign and architectural remodeling
printing shop redesign and expansion, interior design
print shop redesign and remodeling, interior design

Brady Residence, Eagle Rock CA: Façade Design 2012

This charming Santa Fe Style house was chosen by the Bradys to start their new family. It was in need of a new front porch that would also expand the interior floor space. A few options were designed and proposed, all matching the original style and decor of the house. The size and height of the new porch was carefully considered to merge with the existing design and not look like an add-on. The family is now proud of the new look of their new home.

Office Building Remodeling and Accessibility Upgrade, Glendale, CA 2010-2013

This older three story office building in a prime location of Glendale, CA was very run down as far as city building code compliance and the look of the interior spaces. Tenant improvement in each of the suites required accessibility upgrades. The project was phased for a long term gradual remodeling and code upgrades. As of now we have updated 3rd and 2nd floor restrooms and common areas. We are working on the 1st floor now. The building will be fully up to current building codes and accessibility requirements by the completion of project.

office building remodeling, interior designs
architectural interior design of office building
remodeling, refurbishing and interior design of old office building,
interior layout and design for restaurant in Santa Clarita, California
architectural redesign and interiors for Pizza del Sardo restaurant, Santa Clarita, California

Pizza Del Sardo Restaurant, Santa Clarita CA 2012

Pizza del Sardo is a privately owned truely authentic Italian restaurant starting their first location in Santa Clarita, CA. The origin of the recipes is from centuries of traditional Italian cuisine from Sardinia, an island off the Italian coast. The restaurant design was based on the target demographic, menu items and a dining room to resemble the origins of the food. It features a wood/gas-burning oven in the dining area where guests can watch the pizza being made by the chef. Visitors love the food and environment. Pizza del Sardo is now getting 5-star ratings on Yelp! and has thousands of "likes" on their Facebook page. Many Italian guests say it's the best pizza they've had since they left Italy.

Golden Shore Medical Office, Long Beach, CA 2012

An empty lot close to downtown Long Beach was acquired by the owners. A new clinic of 13,000 sq. ft. is intended to house a senior center, family physicians, OB/GYN, dentistry and a couple of doctors' residential units. The building design followed the specific guidelines of the district, and will have a second story as shown at the right side of the drawing. The project is still under development.

architectural rendering for medical center in Long Beach, California

East Meets West Holistic Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA 2012

EMW, located in the heart of Wilshire Boulevard by the Los Angeles Museum of Art, is designed to be not only a holistic health center but to present the artistry of local painters and sculptors to bring the community closer together. The large open reception area and wide hallway for presenting the art gallery provide an environment of elegance and aesthetics. The interior is designed with an Asian theme, and the treatment rooms have the ambience of Asian spas. The design of the office made it easy for multi-functional use. Visitors and guests love the activities and services.




Warehouse to Office Conversion, 2005

Text to come shortly.




Medical Arts Group, North Hollywood, CA 2012

Text to come shortly.




holistic medical center interior design
interior design for medical center
floor plan, architectural redesign, remodelling, medical arts building
architectural design and conversion of former warehouse to office spaces


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