Para Latino Medical Center in Paramount, California

The Para Latino Medical Center was growing fast and was in need of new office space to expand into. Their existing office did not have enough exam rooms to service the large number of patients in timely manner. The waiting room and hallways were full of waiting patients, and the general layout and workflow wasn't smooth enough to deal with the increased patient load. The existing clinic had three departments: Family Physician, OBYG and Dentistry. The departments were barely separated due to insufficient space.

NEW LOCATION & STRATEGY: A new location was purchased in Paramount, California by PLMC as an investment in expansion. It was an old window shop warehouse and included two one-story buildings with a large open area for parking (see below). The buildings were sadly neglected, and an additional building needed to be built.  Overall the new location had lots of potential, but the area was not zoned for medical offices. Part of our challenge was to achieve the zone change through Conditional Use Permit (CUP). The goal was to separate the different departments while they can share common areas such as reception for easy management and maximize the number of parking spaces to be able to have more visitors.







DETERMINING LAYOUT & TRAFFIC FLOW: The project began with determining the number of spaces needed for each department and the parts that need to be shared or connected. It was crucial to come up with the right balance of additional square footage and a sufficient number of parking spots to accommodate the expected increase in patient volume.


CITY COMPLIANCE & NEGOTIATIONS: We arranged to be assigned to a project manager at City Hall and stayed in close communication to understand compliance guidelines that they would like to apply, and make it easier to negotiate terms during the process.


DESIGN DECISIONS: The OB/GYN waiting room and exam rooms were separated from the family physician to prevent potential health complications for pregnant mothers and babies. The reception area was placed in a central location allowing service to both waiting rooms. Access from the alley was utilized for reduced body traffic areas and more parking spaces.


DESIGN APPROVAL: The new facade design was well-received by the owners and City Planners, and the project was budgeted for moderate cost.  We stayed in close communication with the project manager at City Planning and were able to moderate the conditions.


MOVE IN & EXPANSION: Para Latino Medical Center moved into the new building in 2006 and quickly attained their target point for expansion even sooner than expected. According to management, PLMC's operation flows more smoothly than it had ever been, despite dramatically increased patient numbers. Their business is more efficient in the ratio of the employee to number of patients. Credit goes to the efficient layout and well programmed office space, and the excellent executive management of the center. Patients are delighted with the expanded parking facilities. PLMC is now well known in Paramount for their facilities and wonderful patient care.


Special thanks go to the management who stayed in close communication with our office to program and develop the project.


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