Acupuncturist Office Redesign in Los Angeles

I have been visiting East Meets West acupuncture office for several years and as a result have become a close friend of the owner and practitioner, Polina. She had a small office with two treatment rooms in West Los Angeles, and was examining the idea of expanding her facilities and offering additional services, including an herbal pharmacy and energy/light facial rejuvenation. One day she showed me a new space that had become available in the same building to get my opinion on the potentials. The new space had a large storefront with great visibility on Wilshire Boulevard. It was a long rectangular space but it had many good elements to its layout. We discussed the possibilities, I drew up a preliminary design and a conservative budget. The numbers where encouraging and the decision was made to move forward with the project.

POLINA'S LIST OF REQUIREMENTS: More treatment rooms, a small administrative office, a reception desk and an open waiting area that could be used for medical yoga workshops or after hour events. Her vision was to create an environment with a balance of Eastern and Western cultures. A craftsman/artist was brought in as part of the team to supervise the construction and offer design details and  suggestions.


LAYOUT: We created a large waiting area in the front with a reception desk at the entry and a long hallway leading to the treatment rooms. The hallway would be used for display of a rotating art gallery where local artists would be able to exhibit their art for an extended time.

DESIGN DECISIONS: We decided to use sliding doors for the treatment rooms to avoid having the doors open into the hallway. Our craftsman/artist came up with massive red wooden doors for the treatment rooms that resemble ancient, weathered Asian gates. An architectural design trick was used to give the hallway more presence. The hallway is wider at its entrance and narrows on a subtle angle towards the end of the building. This provides a wide inviting entry to the art gallery, bigger rooms toward the end of hallway and the illusion of a larger office.


A facial/massage room was staged for a sensual spa experience. The waiting area was furnished with custom-designed furniture and a unique reception counter by our craftsman/artist.

GRAND OPENING:  East Meets West Holistic Medical Center had their grand opening in 2012. Polina loves her office more than ever. The practice is now steadily attracting more visitors and is becoming very popular.


ARTIST RECEPTIONS:  The office occasionally hosts artist receptions that help promote local painters and sculptors. The new space is large enough so that the receptions are easy to set up and comfortably fit large number of guests. Visitors love the space and feel relaxed in the art-focused office environment. The expansion has proved to be a huge success, and has created a connection between Polina's practice and the local community.

Additional design projects will be featured soon on these pages. We invite you to return to view more of our work, and we welcome any project inquiries.


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